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About Us

USA Energy LNG is a developer of onshore and offshore LNG projects in the Gulf of Mexico and other strategic export locations in North America. We work with  buyers, sellers, contractors, suppliers, government and local communities to bring clean energy LNG around the globe. We support and facilitate the collective efforts and expertise needed to ensure LNG projects and supply move forward to meet the demand for clean, sustainable LNG energy—now and for the future.

Business Model

USA Energy LNG Leadership is focused on execution, delivery and process management to realize the highest levels of commercial success. We create and capture economic value for our stakeholders. Our Board of Directors and Executive Team provide leadership across our project portfolio with COO, VP Operations, Project Management and Engineering being project specific. 

Central to USA Energy LNG leadership experience is:

  • LNG business development

  • natural gas transportation

  • processing, storage and marketing

  • marine transportation

  • pipeline and processing facility construction

  • finance, management, and operations

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